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New carpets look and feel fantastic but over time colours can fade and fluffiness become replaced with coarseness.

Here are some of the ways my team and I care for carpets to keep them looking and feeling good, as well as expanding their lifetime:

• Choose the right colour. You may be surprised to learn that lighter shades are actually easier to clean and don’t show the dust. Dark shades show every speck of dirt.
• Shoes off, socks on. Wearing shoes on carpets inflicts unnecessary strain on them. Bare feet can deposit natural oils which attract dirt so keep your socks on.
• Hoover frequently. The key to keeping carpets clean is hoovering little and often. If you have pets you may want to consider a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to deal with pet hair.
• Clean up spills quickly. Blot drops with a tea towel or kitchen roll, but avoid rubbing or scrubbing.
• Dealing with stubborn stains. Carpet stain removers are available for dealing with stubborn stains or you can call in a professional carpet cleaner.
• Use furniture cups. Heavy items of furniture can leave unsightly indentations in your carpets. Avoid the worst of this by using furniture cups.
• Avoid direct sunlight. Sustained direct sunlight can cause your carpets to fade so draw blinds and curtains to pro.

Of course, you could always contact a professional carpet cleaning firm. Like Clean Shield. Call now on 01452 886288.