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As there can be an awful lot of bad press about the “Youth of Today” this week’s blog gives me even more pleasure to write than normal.

We were recently approached by a young man of 16, Oli, who was looking for some part time work with Clean Shield that would fit in with his studies (this in itself made a refreshing change, as it is normally Mother’s calling to see if we have any work opportunities, and I quote, “for their idle son’s!”)

I talked last month about cleanliness in UK restaurants and it is something that needs emphasising.

Christmas is just around the corner and following the snowfall last weekend, everyone seems to have a lot more of the festive spirit

I certainly wasn’t shocked to learn that Brits encountering dirty toilets in a restaurant will not be going back there

 I enjoy seeing the snow settling on the Gloucestershire countryside but I know that it can cause all sorts of problems

It is always nice when somebody thanks you for doing a good job, but it is extra special when that person has taken the time 

I read a staggering statistic the other day – sickness absence in the UK costs employers some £29 billion per annum.

I understand that hygiene is of utmost importance in the workplace. In some workplaces, however, it can become absolutely critical.

So we arrive in the 20th Century for part 2 of our brief look at the history of cleaning and housework.

Every year when September comes round you can hear the whole Clean Shield Team make a sigh of relief

After talking about the possible future of cleaning last time, complete with cleaning bots, this month I thought I would take a brief look back in history to see how our ancestors cleaned.

In pre-industrial Britain many houses had hard earth floors which were magnets for dust and dirt and needed regular sweeping. Early brooms were made of animal hair and fur tied together with cloth.


I expect you’ve seen the adverts for the return of HBO’s Westworld on Sky Atlantic. Well, the robots are coming to our world too

I am pleased to say that we use the Texatherm Carpet Cleaning System.

I know what it is like when you are running a busy and successful business. Sometimes you just don’t have time to get everything done.

Christmas is over, bringing with it an end to 2016, (which to me and most people I speak to absolutely flew by) and we welcome in 2017 which, whatever your personal views are, promises to be a very interesting

Hopefully, us at Clean Shield!


The 29th March saw Teresa May sign the letter triggering article 50 signalling the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

On Saturday night, the Senior Management Team at Clean Shield had a lovely night out to bid a fond farewell

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There is one person who personifies Clean Shield’s core values, particularly the ABCs, our very own Stacey D.